The RJack project home page has been further improved. New and updated gems are detailed below.


The following new gems have been released after consultations with the upstream project owners:

The rjack-jets3t gem in particular is demonstrating returns on the gem based dependency management approach of rjack. This new gems depends on rjack-httpclient-3, rjack-commons-codec, and rjack-slf4j.

With these additions, rjack is up to 31 third-party jars packaged in 13 gems. With the recently released rjack-tarpit making it much easier to setup and maintain these gems, I am much more inclined to push all Java third-party jars into rjack gems rather than packing them directly in the consuming projects. This makes the consuming projects easier to maintain and distribute, and avoids version conflicts.

Next up for inclusion is an rjack-rome packaging of the ROME feed parser (which will also dependent on rjack-jdom.)


Additional gem updates since the last RJack post include: